10 Things I Took Away from CCSPC 14 pt II

This is the second part of my learning from the annual Calvary Chapel Pastor's Conference. You can read part 1 here.6. Leadership is Risky but worth it. Skip Heitzig talked on leadership and it really struck a cord with me. Seven years after planting The Village Chapel there are a lot of pot holes of … Continue reading 10 Things I Took Away from CCSPC 14 pt II


True Confession

There is going to come a time when we will have to confess something we did. Whether is something we were caught in or something that bothers us so much we need to get it off of our conscience. How we go about confessing can be just as important as what we confess. If we … Continue reading True Confession

Saturday Dreaming

This is why I mountain bike. Where I live we don't have forests as intense as this but there are several places that are close. There is nothing like speeding through trees down a single track. This is how I would spend most of my Saturdays if I could.


Almost nine years ago I bought my Toyota Tundra and this morning I drove its 100,000 mile. So many great road trips and only had to replace the tranmission. It is a great truck and I look forward to another 100k.