What’s Your Next Step?

Sonya wasn’t focused on her mom offering encouragement at the other end of the rails, she was just focused on taking the next step. After several surgeries and months of recovery she was finally able to start doing some physical therapy. Her weak legs didn’t resemble the tone ones that used to run cross country, instead they looked like shriveled vegetables ready to be thrown out. She was determined to walk again and possibly run but right now her concern was the next step… and then the next one. She knew what she had lost in the accident and realized that getting back to that level was going to take a lot of work. It wasn’t the thought of crossing the finish line that motivated her but the fear of remaining like this, or getting worse, that pushed her.

A lot of people are like Sonya. They may not be physically recovering like her but many are recovering from addictions, bad relationships, or the consequences from poor decisions. Others are recovering from being burnt or burned out at another church. Many people are paralyzed as well from over expectations in their life. We are raised to think we can do anything if we put the effort into it. So we feel like a failure when we don’t become the next president or American Idol. This leaves many people trying to figure out their lives and what to do next. They aren’t so interested in the finish line as they are what is the next step they need to take to get back on their feet.

The church is the only place equipped by God to help people through this process. Sure you can go to other places and they will give you plans or advice on what to do, but the church is the only place where the real issue will be dealt with, the soul. Jesus is the only one who can heal the broken heart, repair the past, and renew the soul. If we are too focused on the plan God has for these people we will miss opportunities to show them God’s goodness in the immediate moment. Teaching them to trust in Him, step by step, is the key to the journey.

Jesus always intended on us looking to Him for our next step. Discipleship is in fact walking in the steps of a master. We are to look to our master, Jesus Christ, for the next step we are to take. So whether we are picking ourselves up from a fall or we are feeling like God is moving on our hearts to take a step of faith we are always looking for the next. This manifests itself in many different ways. Sometimes the next step is just to rest and recover. For others it may mean getting into a small group where we can be held accountable or stepping out in faith by serving in an area outside of our comfort zone. Still for some God is offering them the adventure of a lifetime by calling them to step into leadership in HIs church. Whatever it may be God wants us to seek Him for the next step. At The Village Chapel one of our main goals is to get you to take your next step of faith. We are here to help you do that.

What is the next step that God is asking you to take? He won’t be content with you remaining sidelined. He will always nudge you (never force) to trust Him for what is next. Has he already been moving in your heart? If your heart rate jumping just reading this? That’s okay. Steps always take courage, but when we take it we won’t regret it. Take that step of faith today and watch God work.


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