Life Links: Resources to Help with Life

Last weeks links were focused on leadership, and while that was good, the audience that this blog reaches is primarily my friends and people who attend my church. So I tweaked the links to be more helpful for that audience. Thus I have changed the name of this weekly post to Life Links. Below are some articles that I have read and recommend. Please click on them. If there are other resources you would like to see just leave a comment on the blog or on facebook and I will do my best.
  1. Marriage: 10 Signs Your Marriage is Drifting Many marriages were in trouble long before the problems became apparent. That is because they started to drift off course and no one noticed till it was too late. This article helps us recognize those signs before its too late.
  2. Money: Take Baby Steps to get out of debt The average America spends 110% of what they make. Doesn’t take a math degree to figure out that leads to debt. Dave Ramsey gives us seven baby steps to get out of debt.
  3. Devotional: 11 Steps to Memorizing an Entire Book of the Bible Scripture memorization is one of the best disciplines a Christian can develop in their life. Right now my two oldest are memorizing the first chapter of James at school and will recite it as a class in front of the whole school. They are excited and they are learning.
  4. Serving: Christ Builds His Church, We Make Disciples Our job is to Go and Make disciples. That means teaching them the Bible then giving them opportunities to put it into practice. We need to equip each member of the church with the tools necessary to live for Christ and then challenge them to live it on a daily basis.
  5. Book: Radical by David Platt Each week I am going to recommend a book. This week it is Radical by David Platt. Our staff is going through this right now and it is really challenging us.
  6. Technology: You Version The best Bible app on the planet and its free! I use it everyday. It has all the Bibles you need and then some, and it has every kind of devotional you can think of. Great tool for getting God’s word in us.
  7. Humor: Tim Conway as a Dentist Finally I like to end on a humorous note. Tim Conway turned 78 this week and I think he is one of the funniest people ever to live. When he and Harvey Korman got together it didn’t get any better. Here is one of the funniest of thier skits.

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