Calvary Church Planting Rountable pt 2

CCPN Session #2 “Vision” by Lance Ralston

The second session at the Calvary Church Planting Roundtable on March 12th was on Vision. Lance Ralston, Pastor of Calvary Chapel Oxnard, led this one. This isn’t a topic you hear addressed so specifically within Calvary Chapels so church planters often have to go outside of our tribe to find good resources. This session was one of the best I have heard in a long time on this topic. I wish they would’ve recorded both session because there was so much gold in each of them. 

Some highlights from Lance’s talk included:

Leadership: Everything rises and falls on leadership. The quality of leadership within the organization is essential to its survival and its success. The pastor/planter is the key position within the church and it is his job to seek the Lord for the vision and then cast it to the church and leadership team.

Pastor’s Role: The Pastor has three primary tasks assigned to him. They are to lead, feed, and protect the flock. Anything outside these roles need to be either delegated or dropped. Of course that isn’t always a viable choice but we must be working towards getting to that point.

Vision: Leading means you are going somewhere which begs the question: “Where am I going?” Where you are going is called vision. It is the pastor/planters role to know what that is, clearly articulate it, and repeat it over and over. What is vision? It is a Spirit inspired picture of a preferred future. Spirit inspired means that it is given by God. Picture means something you can see. Better future means what needs to improve. The Pastor/Planter’s role is to get the vision from God and paint a picture of a better future for his church. 

Goals: Harvard did a study of its students and only 13% of people have goals. Of that 13% only 3% wrote those goals down. Goals not written down tend to shift over time. The 3% who wrote their goals down accomplished 50-100% more than their peers over their lifetimes. If also means that the 87% of the people who didn’t have goals are looking for leadership. 

Three Questions to end with:

Where are you going? (Vision)

How are you going to get there? (Mission)

What steps do you need to take to get there? (Strategic Plan)

On the CCPN website is a pdf on vision that accompanies this session. Look for it.


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