10 Things I Took Away from CCSPC 14 pt II

This is the second part of my learning from the annual Calvary Chapel Pastor’s Conference. You can read part 1 here.

6. Leadership is Risky but worth it. Skip Heitzig talked on leadership and it really struck a cord with me. Seven years after planting The Village Chapel there are a lot of pot holes of failed leadership in the rearview mirror. For one reason or another there have been failures with people we have raised up. It would be easy to arm chair quarterback the decisions and give reasons why they failed. Unfortunately you don’t have that luxury when leading and if you don’t take risks you will be doing things yourself forever. Leadership is risky and there will be people who fail. Look as long as you can at the heart of the person

7. Continually Bomb Your Runways. This was part of a great story that Alistair Begg shared about how to battle temptation in your life. It referred to what Margaret Thatcher did in the battle of the Falkland Islands against Argentina. This prevented the enemy from landing. We must continually bomb our runways to prevent sin from landing in our lives. At the end of this he mentioned Bob Coy which I thought was so important. When one of our major people fall it is important to use it as a teaching moment for the rest. Alistair did it perfectly and there was no question or doubt about it.

8. God is Shaking the Nations. Brian Brodersen shared this from his message. It was evident as well because there was a great representation of international missionaries at the conference. Maybe it was the venue or time of year but there seemed like a lot more missionaries at the conference. This was encouraging to me because it shows that all the years of planting churches all over the world is starting to take hold and make an impact. 

9. Teach the Text. One suggestion that I would offer is that the speakers teach the text more. We always criticize those who do “springboard” preaching where they briefly mention the text and then jump of to something totally unrelated. There were a few sessions where I couldn’t tell you what we were talking about or what text was even being taught. There were a lot of stories (which are fine) but very little expositing of the text. I am not asking for verse by verse at theses events but I would at least like the text explained.

10. Alive and Kicking. Simple Minds have a great song called “Alive and Kicking.” That is what I would use to describe Calvary Chapel as a whole. All the prophecies of the demise of our movement  were untrue. I saw a vibrant group of men who are totally committed to what we are called to. That was exciting and comforting. There were noticeably few heads of White Hair in the audience as in previous years. Nothing against those great saints but seeing a younger group of pastors what greatly encouraging. Not just a bunch of hipsters either. The breadth of ages was vast. God has Calvary Chapel in a good position and the future is bright.


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