The Hidden Layer of Leadership


Last night I had dinner with nine guys in our church. All of these men are successful in their respective fields and love being apart of our church. This group wasn’t our elders, even though one of them is an elder. This group wasn’t staff or ministry leaders. This group of men are disciplers. They are part of our men’s ministry and they each lead a group of three to four men each Monday in accountability and biblical growth.

This winter we revamped our men’s ministry in a radical way. Getting inspiration from the book by Robbie Gallaty called “Growing Up” we took our weekly Bible study and ramped it up a couple of notches. Instead of me just teaching the guys through a book of the Bible every week we shortened the teaching down to 25-30 minutes and then broke up into D-groups for the next hour.

Each of the D-groups, short for Discipleship groups, go over the scripture that was taught, talk about the weekly reading, recite the scripture memory verse, and then ask accountability questions and pray. We ask for high commitment from the men and even we have been surprised how much they rose to it.

The key to the whole process is the mentors who lead these D-groups. These nine guys who I mentioned earlier are the mentors leading the other men. They are seasoned saints who have shown biblical maturity and the lifestyle worthy of leading other men. Interestingly their lives are very busy and they have a ton of others options they could to do instead of this. Yet all of them are one hundred percent bought in to the process and to their guys. They love the program.

This opened my eyes to a missing layer of servanthood in the church. Most of the time we are trying to plug holes in ministries by finding workers or leaders. Quickly we develop only two layers of servants in the church; worker or leader. Honestly most people are content just being a worker and a few are energized by being leaders but there is a layer of people in your church that are looking for more of a challenge but don’t have the time or energy to devote to leading a ministry. That is the case with these guys. They are loving being challenged by leading these men but are thankful they don’t have the extra burden of having to organize and corral all the people to make a ministry happen.

Tap into this hidden group of people in your church. Those movers and shakers who get things done but won’t commit to leading. Give them a few people to meet with and let them grow. If you do you will tap into a hidden resource that will unlock a whole new area of growth in your church.


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