Keep Going

I like to mountain bike. The area I live has some of the best trails you can find. Recently I haven’t had much time to ride due to work and family needs but I have recommitted to getting on the trails at least three times a week. That said I am not very good or very fast but that’s not why I do it. Nothing gives me a feeling of freedom more than being on my bike.
Last week a guy from the church asked me to ride. I also invited my neighbor to ride with us. Both of these guys are studs when it comes to riding but they were very accommodating to my skill level. They pushed me harder than I would normally go but still were gracious in waiting for me. After about seven miles and an hour of riding I was toast. I peeled off, heading for home, and they kept riding.
As soon as they got out of sight I stopped and almost collapsed. I was exhausted and seriously wanted to lay down on a patch of soft sand but I kept going. I still had about three miles before I got back home. As I pedaled ever so slowly thinking about the hills I had to still climb I heard voices coming from behind me. It was the guys catching back up with me. They waited for me at the top of one the hills and my neighbor cruised home with me.
It’s important that we keep going in life. It’s too easy to stop by the side of the road and become a spectator. Sure we may not be at the level of other people but we will never get where they are unless we keep going. No one ever finishes the race that they stop running in.


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