I Witnessed a Miracle 9 Years Ago Today.

Today is our daughter Allie’s birthday and I’ve been up since 3am. That was the time 9 years ago that an incredible series of events with her birth took place. Jen attempted to have a VBAC but couldn’t so she went to surgery. In prepping for surgery the medicine they gave her caused stomach convulsions which mimiced contractions which cause the previous incision on her uterus to tear. This in turn diminished the oxygen to Allie for about 15 minutes. When this happens the body starts to produce acid which eats at the organs, especially the brain.

She came out blue and purple and I watched as the NICU team tried to get her breathing. One thing I do remember is the nurse running to call the NICU doctor on call at home and turning around a few moments later and he was there. They rushed Allie to the NICU and the OB GYN rushed to take care of my wife who not only had an emergency C-section but a torn uterus. I remember later some of the nurses later being more concerned for my wife than my daughter. Thank God for being oblivious in those situations. I don’t know if I could’ve handled it if I would’ve known how much danger she was in as well.

After they wheeled my daughter and wife out of surgery (still amazes me that I sat in the middle of all of this) I went back to the original delivery room and just prayed and began to call people close to us. Miraculously God had begun to pull some of my wife’s best friends out of bed to intercede for us before I even called. They came and got me and took me to my daughter in the NICU. She was laying there with a tube down her nose to help her breath and tubes attached elsewhere. The doctor told me that she would have brain damaged and probably be disabled the rest of her life. I hung out with her for a while just praying silently over her.

It was a Sunday morning and was getting close to services starting at Calvary Chapel Santa Maria. I called not expecting anyone to answer but someone did and Pastor Paul was right there by the phone. I told him what happened. He went in to the service and led the church in prayer. That was at 9am and as I walked towards the NICU again the doctor came out and told me that they had taken the breathing tube out of her and she was breathing on her own. Over the next two weeks in the NICU every test came back negative, especially the EEG which tests the brain. She didn’t have any brain damage at all. On Christmas Day 2004 we got to take her home.

On a side note I ran into the doctor again as Jen was giving birth to our fourth child. He remembered Allie and referred to her as the Christmas Miracle.



One thought on “I Witnessed a Miracle 9 Years Ago Today.

  1. Your daughter was born on my sons first birthday! I have not attended your church yet but I plan on coming tomorrow. I have heard great things!


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