5 Reasons I Like the Kindle Fire

When Amazon announced they were coming out with a tablet I must admit I was very intrigued. I told myself and others that I was going to hold out on getting one because the first version of any tech gadget is always lacking. So I held out for over a month but then I started to read some reviews of people I respected and who work in the same field I do and my mind started to change. You see about three months ago I purchased an Ipad and honestly I didn’t like it. It was too big and bulky to hold and really couldn’t justify the expense of having it so I gave it to our worship leader as his staff computer. I don’t think he has stopped giggling yet.

Below are five reasons why I like the Kindle

  1.   I have a lot invested in my study software and was always frustrated that I had to read it on my computer. The iphone app was adequate but not very good for reading theological books. The Ipad was great for this but too big. The kindle is the size of a typical book but much smaller than most reference books which makes this a win win.
  2.   I do most of my note taking, blog writing, and web capture in Evernote. The android app is great for the Kindle and offers more than the iphone app which I was using before. The size of the kindle makes it nice for both reading and note taking. Now I have cross reference for all my notes everywhere and the syncing makes it seemless. Best of all its free.
  3.   I am a huge Amazon fan and Prime member. All of my books are through Amazon and now my music and picture are stored in its cloud technology. Since I was using a kindle before for my reading this was a huge boost in my content. Now I can watch TV shows, listen music, read a book through my membership.
  4. The Kindle Size: My biggest knock on the Ipad was that I couldn’t type with both hands while holding it and I have big hands. It made working on it frustrating. The kindle is the size of a regular book. It fits perfectly between my hands and lets me type with both thumbs. While the Kindle is pretty heavy it still works great. Once I hook up my email to it and Twitter comes out with a decent Android app I will be set.
  5. The Kindle Price: For $199 you can justify saving over $500 on the iPad. This more than makes up for the deficiencies that the Kindle has. I love that about this device and if you include the above reasons it easily becomes clear why I finally gave in a bought this. My iPhone usage has dropped dramatically since I bought this and once the software upgrade comes and more apps appear it will clearly be the Ipad killer that everyone thought it would.

I am a huge Apple fan. I have a Macbook pro, and iPhone 4, and our office is all Mac except for the bookkeeper. I am not going to abandon Apple over this but until Apple produces the rumored iPad-mini for the same price it is not a contest.


2 thoughts on “5 Reasons I Like the Kindle Fire

  1. Thanks man, I’m really thinking about getting one of these as well. It’s good to get your thoughts. The review/comparison from “Church Planting for the Rest of Us” was pretty convincing too!


  2. Hi Chuck, I got a Kindle Fire, too and LOVE it. I know there’s much to it that I’m still learning, but what I am using it for now is so easy. And books for free or purchase are great and super easy and fast to download. I have my newspaper on my Kindle and can read whenever. Tom told me about the Logos and I have the bible on my Kindle w/lots of great resources – swweeeeet! Oh, and I can highlight book passages and jot my own notes/thoughts. I’m so computer inept, but Kindle has been easy to learn as I go and I’ll be reading and practicing the information that Kindle offers to get the most out of this device. I’m w/you – love my Kindle Fire!


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