We Are a Planting Church

I admit it I have got the bug. Ever since we planted a church over four years ago I am hooked on supporting church plants. One day I hope that we can send out teams to plant churches all over the world but for right now I am content with supporting the work of several church planters all over the world. It warmed my heart to see several of the churches we have supported make major leaps on Easter Sunday. Here is a brief report on some of them:

  • Calvary Chapel San Francisco: Daniel Fusco and his team is getting it done in the Bay Area. I love his heart for reaching this tough city. On Easter both of the churches he leads were standing room only. They will be moving into a new facility in July and we are going up there to help with that.
  • Calvary Chapel North London: Antonye Holyde and his team had their first Sunday service at All Saviour’s chapel on Easter Sunday. They are hoping to make this their permanent home for Sunday services very soon but we are very excited that they were able to meet for Resurrection Sunday there. Looking forward to hearing the reports on that.
  • Calvary Chapel San Leandro: Pastor Ruben has been working on this launch for over a year and they had their first service on the Sunday before Easter. Saw some pictures on Facebook and it looks like they had a good turnout. The fact that this got off the ground is amazing. Pastor Ruben’s wife is suffering from some serious cancer. God is sufficient and they are trusting Him for a healing.

There are a few more churches on the horizon. Still praying about them but a major portion of our missions funds will go towards church plants.



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