Weekend Update

It is early Monday morning and I am awake much earlier than I had hoped because our soon to be two year old is getting her molers and she is miserable. So I sit here with my laptop pondering all that God did this last weekend.

Our Good Friday service is quickly becoming one of my favorite things we do. There is nothing I love doing more than worshipping our resurrected King, Jesus Christ. When the body comes together in a corporate setting to worship I believe it is one of the most pleasing things. Joel and our worship team did an incredible job and everyone who showed up were incredibly blessed.

Sunday we did three services but there was a different feeling in the air. Our people were filled with expectation with what God was going to do and God didn’t disappoint. While we had our largest turnout yet what really blessed me was our people’s willingness to serve. The looks on their faces and the time they put in was so incredible. Diana and her team do such an amazing job. The breakfast buffet was off the charts again. Love those huge chocolate strawberries.

We did have a first at our church. We had to take our sunrise service inside because of the heavy mist. You may laugh and think we are wimps but when you can see it coming down and can’t keep the seats dry after just wiping them down something needs to happen. I came around the corner of the building and all of the people there were standing under the overhang waiting to see if we what we were going to do. It was a tough call but the right one and we ended up having a wonderful service.

The third service was the best in my opinion and not because of the size. I changed my message up quite a bit and was much more pleased with how it came out. You can listen to the podcast here once they get it uploaded. I gave too much info in the other services and got rid of it in the third and focused on the heart of the text.

Now it is time to rest and spend some time with the family.


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