Team Chemistry is More Than Getting Along

My friend posted this picture on Facebook over the weekend. I was part of a promotion team for Vanguard University back in 1993 that went to Summer Camps and Youth Conferences doing sketch comedy. We were a really good team and God really used us to impact the youth at each place. I will never forget that year being part of the “Delivery Boys.”

When I first saw the picture I cringed because as a pastor now I don’t want people knowing I did drama. It took me 10 years to get over people asking me to be part of every church play and drama. It’s not that I couldn’t do it but it’s not my thing. I was more of the straight man in the skits. It wasn’t a stretch and I rarely got out of character.

What made this team so good was our team chemistry. Each of the four guys had unique skills and strengths that we brought to the team that made us even better. Our director of the team did a great job putting us together and giving us the skills that best suited us. We hummed along most of the summer and had some fun while we were doing it.

Just because we had great chemistry doesn’t mean we got along. We didn’t. Most people think chemistry is everyone being friends, holding hands, singing “We are the World.” It isn’t. Chemistry is when all the parts gel together and work seamlessly. We clicked and we knew it. Off stage and traveling between camps was sometimes brutal because of our strong personalities but we were able to pull it together when we needed to and make it work.

Stop worrying about being everyone’s friend and do the best at what you do. People will get upset and you and if you did something wrong you need to admit it and apologize, but if you didn’t then chalk it up to the fact that not everyone gets along. It is a reality and if we waste a ton of time trying to get everyone to like one another then we will never get anything done. Find the chemistry in what you are doing not in who you are.


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