The Road to Victory

If the book of Joshua shows us anything it is that we can have victory in our lives. For many of us this is foreign because we haven’t won much of anything in our whole lives. Maybe we were terrible in P.E. or just didn’t like sports at all. Maybe we don’t have the killer instinct it takes to drive your opponent into the ground. Let’s face it victory rarely happens but instead comes about because of hard work.

Many Christians don’t experience victory in their walk with Jesus Christ because too many things trip them up. Whether it is a sin that we can’t kick or lack of surrender to His will it is keeping us from living the promised life. If you are wanting to achieve victory in your personal life with Christ let me suggest four things. Joshua 10 lays this out for us.

  1. Jesus Helps Us: The Gibeonites were under attack by five Canaanite kingdoms. They did the smart thing by pleading for Joshua to come help them. We can be just like the Gibeonites when we become slaves to sin. Satan constantly attacks us to keep us down. Fortunately we can cry out to Jesus to come and save us. Many people are not seeing victory in their lives because they refuse to cry out to Jesus to help them.
  2. Jesus Hears Us: One of the biggest miracles in the Bible is in Joshua 10. Joshua asks God to make the sun stand still and God slows the rotation of the earth down from 24 hours to 48 hours. The Physics alone make this hard to believe and why many consider the much of the Old Testament to be a myth. From a faith stand point though we learn that when we come to Jesus He hears us. Joshua needed the sun to stand still to complete the victory in battle. We can go with boldness and ask for what we need to be victorious. Don’t be afraid to ask.
  3. Jesus Strengthens Us: One of the most debilitating things that creep into our lives is fear. We want to step out and be used by God but we are afraid how others will react or that we will fail. Joshua had to learn that God gives us the strength numerous times and so do we. If we are lacking the courage to do something we need to ask Jesus for it. It doesn’t come from our will power or resolve, it comes from the Holy Spirit. If you are gripped with fear and afraid to do anything except that which has caused failure over and over then get before the Lord and ask for strength.
  4. Jesus Fights for Us: Finally the last step in the road to victory is to have Jesus fight for us. Joshua 10:42 says; “And Joshua captured all these kings and their land at one time, because the LORD God of Israel fought for Israel.” Joshua has just completed several victorious battles but the credit goes to the Lord. The reason? It’s because in our victories Jesus is doing way more than we are. If we are fighting against the will of God it can be assumed that we are losing. If we are walking by faith in the will of God it can be safe to say we are walking the road to victory.

Are you wanting victory in your life? Ask Jesus to help you, to strengthen you, and to fight for you.


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