Building Update: Make an Offer

God opened an incredible opportunity for us this last weekend. On Saturday March 19th I received a call from the Owner of the White Oak hotel. He wants the church to make an offer to purchase it. This is what we have been praying for over a year and a half. Now we have an opportunity to buy the property and move forward with a big part of the vision for our church.

If you haven’t heard the story before we started as a church on Sunday January 28th, 2007 at the White Oak Hotel. Soon we took over the whole restaurant and conference area. We have always felt that this was the property that God wanted us to build a church on as well as a ministry and retreat center. With 64 hotel rooms plus several meeting areas we have the possibility of hosting church for retreats, holding church conferences, and my biggest heart a pastors retreat center.

The Central Coast of California is fast becoming one of the most popular vacations destinations in the country. The interesting thing is that there is no retreat center for churches. We hope to fill that need. On top of that we are hoping to start a ministry school that will train up students and send them all over the world to plant churches, support existing ones, and start ministries.

Will you pray with us as we enter into this process? It is just the beginning and there are several things that we need to figure out but we are believing God to something amazing here. This has to be a God thing or it won’t happen.



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