God is a Gamer

Yesterday in church I was describing when God rained down hailstones on the five kingdoms as they ran from Joshua’s surprise attack. People often try to rationalize His miracles. They try to explain that it was an abnormal hail storm during the middle of the battle that caused all of the deaths. The explanation is difficult because it is the same battle where God made the Sun stand still so a storm like that is unlikely.

Even more humorous is the fact that an abnormal hail storm would just kill the Canaanites and the the Israelites. It goes on to say that the hail stones killed more than the swords of Israel. This got me thinking that God was a gamer. He was able to direct large stones and hit only the enemy. It was like He was up in heaven with divine controller plucking off the bad guys.

I know what some of you are thinking but what a perfect illustration of God’s sovereignty. We often reduce Him down to our level and in reality He is able to fit the universe in the spam of his hand.

Are you allowing God to have control over your life? Are there areas where Jesus is not Lord? These issues will continue to be stumbling blocks for you and will prevent you from living the promised life He has for you.


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