Best Spots: Pismo State Beach

Our very favorite campground on the Central Coast is Pismo State Beach, north campground. We stayed there in August of 2010 and had the best time. It was the first camp trip where we stayed exclusively in a tent. We go a great site that had tons of room and the kids went nuts. It will also be memorable because that is where we taught our oldest to ride his bike.

You are only a short walk from the beach and from downtown Pismo which offers a great range of things to do and places to eat. We were at the pier last Friday and they were just finishing up the renovations and addition of the boardwalk and it looks great. Many of the storefronts are filled with businesses which is saying a lot in these times and considering past history (I have been going there since 1994).

Honestly we didn’t leave the campground too much. It was the best weather of the summer and we just wanted to hang out and ride our bikes around the campsite. The kids were to busy exploring everything to be bothered with anything else. If you need anything these trucks drive through in the afternoon with ice, wood, and other supplies.

Once thing to be wary of is thieves. On the last night someone broke into our car and stole our wallets. That produced some angst until as we pulled out the Ranger had my wife’s purse. I guess it was just some druggies looking for cash. They weren’t interested in our credit cards.

Even if you stop for one night on your way north or south it is worth the trip. Don’t bother trying in July if you don’t have reservations, the place is packed. Still there are spaces available in August that are ideal. The staff there are nice and friendly.


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