Sunday Stuff

I love what God is doing in our church through our study of the of the book of Joshua. Every message so timely and appears to be speaking right to the heart of our congregation. What a wonderful spirit that is being cultivated. Here are few other thoughts:

– We held a BBQ fundraiser for the London team and raised close to $3000 dollars.
– Ernie and the Teffts did a great job organizing the whole event and it was a sell out.
– So many gave above what was required. Love the generosity of our people
– It was good to have Joel back leading worship. He was refreshed by his break but ready to get back at.
– My voice was ready to go by the end of the second service. That hasn’t happened in a while.
– We were at capacity in second service in all areas. Sanctuary was full as well as all our Children’s ministries.
– Tomorrow night is our night of prayer and we really need to seek God for rye hotel. We need room everywhere.
– It is real good to see all the fellowship going on after service. That is another good reason to have a BBQ.
– We had an all guy team leading our Kids church. Such a great model for these kids to see these men leading and teaching.

So grateful for what God is doing.


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