Best Coffee Spots on the Central Coast

There is nothing better than sitting in a really cool coffee house drinking a cup of coffee. The problem is that there are so many to choose from that it is good to have a guide. These are coffee spots that I have visited more than once and some are obsessions. You won’t find a Starbucks on this list, not because I am against it, but because there are so many of them. I did recently switch my daily cup of Joe from Starbucks to Circle K though. You can read about that here.

This list below are places that I like. Feel free to debate or disagree:

Peets Coffee: When I talk obsession it generally evolves around Peets. This is my favorite coffee and unfortunately if becoming everyone else’s. You can’t get near the one in San Luis Obispo anytime, and the one in Santa Barbara is cramped too. That doesn’t stop me though. They have the best (and most expensive) brew coffee out there. Don’t order a Mocha there because they are horrible but do order the Tea Frappe’s because they are awesome! My favorite blend is Major Dickasons.

Portside Coffee: This place is special and has become Jen and I’s place. We go out of our way to go here. You are probably asking where is it? Well it is in Port San Luis which is past Avila Beach. It is right across the parking lot from Fat Cats in a converted Bait house. Half of the place is a wine bar and the other half the coffee place. Richard is the owner and he is hysterical. Tell him that the Pastor from Lompoc recommended it. We stop there for a Mocha because it is the best we have found. Plus the atmosphere is great. All the fisherman hang out here and it is always lively.

Cafe Andreni: I haven’t been to this place in a while but it is located in the Old Village of Arroyo Grande, right down the street from Doc Bersteins and Klondike Pizza. This place is just cool. It is my favorite coffee house. Very large but comfy. Good place to sit and just hang. Coffee is decent but you gotta check out the stuff they got in there. They have live music on Thursday nights and this would be the place to go to listen to it.

Southside Coffee: I like this place more and more I go there. This is my local coffee house and it has been around for 16 years or so. Located in Old town Lompoc in a historic building it is what you would call a coffee dive. The lady who owns it is nice and she is a saint for putting up with some of the people who hang there. Good coffee too. The Lompoc Blast is their version of French Roast. I go and study there because they have this upstairs area that looks out over H street. They are getting to know me and that is good too.

Circle K / 7-11: I know you are laughing but if you knew how much coffee these places sell you wouldn’t. What is better than going and finding six different blends for the best price? You serve yourself and you are out of there in no time. Don’t knock it till you try it. I am there several times a week (in fact drinking it while I type this).

Java Moto: This place is in the Santa Maria mall. It took over for Cafe Diem, which used to be a favorite. What is nice is that they have wi-fi and serve the same exact coffee as Portside does. The only draw back is that it is in the mall and you have to deal with this effect. Still good cup of coffee and good specialty drinks if you are in the mall.

Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf: This place serves the best Ice Blended drinks out there and they should considering they created them. No one really comes close to these guys. Starbucks Frappucinos don’t even come close. Their specialty drinks are really good too. We often get them as a dessert. The only places I know of are in Pismo Beach next to the outlets and on State Street in Santa Barbara.

That about list them all. If you know of another place post it and I will check it out.


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