Are You Focused on Your Marriage?

Jen and I just celebrated 14 years of Marriage. If you believe what you read we have beat the odds. It would be easy to put our relationship on cruise control and focus on other things. The thing is that Jen is not just my wife but the mother of my children, ministry partner, and most of all best friend. If I neglected her I would be starving all of those areas.

In my years as a pastor I have found that there are four areas that couples need to focus on the grow a healthy marriage. Over the next couple of weeks I am going to highlight each of the four and leave you with four questions you need to ask yourself. I have made it easy (for me) to remember by calling the simply the four “F’s”. If we look to grow our marriage by building way others faith, focusing on the fundamentals, learning how to love each others families, and shoring up our finances we will see our love flourish.

Join me as we walk through this journey. This is what I take each of our premarital couples through but it is something that all of us need to remember. You never stop growing in your love. I recently did a wedding and we sat next to a couple that have been married for sixty three years. They both said they love each other more now than they ever have. They were so affectionate and considerate of each other. We walked away like we learned something. That is what I desire for all of us. The last thing I want to hear is you are getting divorced because you are to selfish to take time for the other person.

Marriage is designed by God and nothing is more special on earth.


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