I Switched

Recently I switched from buying my coffee at Starbucks to Circle K. The reason indicates how conditioned we become as humans. I usually like to grab an afternoon coffee to give me that boost for the rest of the day. One day on the way back to my office I headed towards the drive thru at Starbucks only to realize the line was about 8-10 cars deep. In Lompoc time this means twenty minutes of waiting. Since I was just getting regular brew it wasn’t worth the wait and I don’t like Pikes (Starbuck’s drip coffee) well enough to park my truck so I decided to pass.
The problem was that I needed some coffee. Then, all of a sudden, I thought of Circle K. I spun my truck back around and headed there. Circle K is a gas/convenience store much like 7-11 or AM/PM. I am glad I did go back.
Inside I found coffee nirvana: six different brews of drip coffee and best of all my favorite, Kona.
I am able to get 20 oz. of coffee (the size of a Venti at Starbuck) for $1.59. Plus there is no line and they have all the stuff you need like creamer and sugar in bulk. The best thing is that my Circle K is right next to Starbucks so it is in my normal path of business.
I spend a lot each month on coffee so the savings will be huge and the ease of use will add time to my day. Another big bonus is that it has opened me to a whole new world of people that I would’ve never met.


3 thoughts on “I Switched

    1. Bill,

      So true! Been going to Starbucks in Lompoc for four years and two employees know my name. After a month at Circle K the staff recognize me.


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