Down Time

I noticed during the last four years that I need to take time off on a more scheduled basis. This is especially true for my speaking schedule. If I teach more than 12 weeks in a row I find that the axe is starting to get a little dull. 10 weeks seems to be the ideal time for me before I need a rest. While this schedule doesn’t always play out I use it as a rule of thumb.
Two years ago I spoke 33 times in 31 weeks without a break and I almost fried myself. I was no good at work or at home. Since then I have become more purposeful in my teaching calendar. the only down side has been that when I hit 10-12 weeks I am usually on a roll and the temptation is to keep going for fear that the church loses momentum.
I must remember that the church is Jesus’ and not mine and He can direct things better than I can. With this in mind I can take a Sunday off and not worry what will happen.


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