Leadership 101: Mark Driscoll’s Lessons from Baseball

Lately  I’ve been reading Mark Driscoll’s blog on leadership for the church. He is going through a series on lessons learned from baseball that a church can use. I have found it interesting, appealing, and to a certain extent prophetic. I have always enjoyed listening to and learning from Mark. He leads a huge church in Seattle as well an international church planting organization. You can read his blog here.
Here are a few of my thoughts from this current series:

Get a great General Manager: The GM is the organizational mastermind and architect who sets the vision and values, runs the finances, and hires coaches who are senior leaders developing the talent

Know Your Stats: In baseball everything is measured by stats. Churches also have stats that cannot be ignored. Some people try to downplay this but they do so to their own demise. Some of the stats that a church should measure

  • Weekly attendance
  • Number of baptisms
  • Number of givers
  • Number of Small Groups

Develop a Minor League System: When a church has to hire all of its staff from outside then it is failing in developing leaders. Every church should have a system to bring up young talent

Have a Spring Training: This one rocked my world. Mark suggests that each year there should be a time of competing for positions like in Baseball. It should be a time where the GM assesses talent and either keeps a players in his position, moves them to another for the betterment of the team, or lets them go. Too many churches are fielding teams that aren’t positioned to win.

You can read the rest at his blog. It really gets you thinking.


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