Weight Loss Wednesday

It is now week eight of my weight loss journey and I have hit a plateau. My weight continues to bounce between 270 and 273. There are several reasons for this in my mind but it really boils down to one thing. I have gotten lazy. When you experience success at first it is easy to sit back on your laurels and cheat a bit. I have shared with you in that past that during the week I do great and usually see weight loss. On the weekends is where I lose it. So what I’ve found myself in is a rut. Gain a couple of pounds over the weekend and then work like the dickens to work it off plus one or two pounds during the week.

Unfortunately what should be a pace of losing several pounds a week has slowed to one pound. I have slipped way behind in my goals of where I want to be. From what I am reading this is pretty normal but not acceptable. I could easily blame it on my hectic schedule with all the prep for Easter going on but that wouldn’t be totally honest. The thing is that once you start hearing the compliments and see a noticeable effect in your clothing you tend to ease up.

So in the next few weeks I am going to be a lot more disciplined in my eating and step up my workouts. I love all the food on the Belly Off diet and my wife does a wonderful job stocking the kitchen with things to eat. The thing is that at first it was easy to say no to bad things or going out to eat but it is real easy to slip back into old patterns. I want to blow past the 270 threshold and not look back. My goal is 240.


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