Easter Weekend Update

Now that we are all crawling back into the office after a packed weekend it is time to debrief. I am not sure where to start but suffice it to say I have not enjoyed or been blessed by an Easter weekend like this in a long time. In fact I can’t remember one while in ministry that was this wonderful. Most Easter weekends for pastors are jammed pack with activities, services, preparation, and survival. Honestly by time you get to the day you are ready for it to be over.

That wasn’t the case this weekend. The Holy Spirit was so evident that you wanted to be with the people of The Village Chapel. Here are some of my thoughts in chronological order:

Door Hangers:
We passed out over 2000 door hangers in Vandenberg Village between Friday and Saturday. We saw a great response on Sunday from it. It started with over 30 people from the youth and village kids departments covering the whole south village. From there they went to Buena Vista and set up the whole sanctuary for the weekend. We made Domino’s that much richer by feeding them pizza afterwards.

Good Friday Service:
This is by far one of the best things we have ever done at the church. It was a worship service with scripture read throughout and a time of family communion. The Holy Spirit was so powerful. Anyone who was there walked out refreshed and renewed. The worship team did an amazing job.

Sunrise Service:
Let me start by saying that it was cold and quickly went to stinking cold in a very short time. It was so cold it hurt. We had an okay turnout, not as much as last year and it looked like everyone was so cold they couldn’t pay attention. Did I mention it was really cold?

Regular Services:
Our 8:30 & 10:30 services were incredible! Having the full time to teach and worship does so much for my soul. The problem with shorter services like Sunrise is that you have to shorten you message which means you don’t have time to fully develop it. I was much more comfortable in our regular services with a full 40 minutes to teach. God showed up and people were really blessed. We had over 10 salvation in the adult services and 10 in the Village Kids. Praise God for that. Met tons of new people and look forward to reaching out to them in the coming weeks.

Our Team:
I cannot say enough about our volunteers. So many gave of their whole weekend to make sure people could meet Jesus during our services. I am so thankful for leaders and workers who take the ball and run with it. Our church is blessed by an incredible group!


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