Volunteer of the Week: Christian Andresen

Christian Andresen is one of our “Old Timers” here at The Village Chapel. He was on board from the beginning and followed us over to The Village Chapel from Calvary Chapel Santa Maria. I don’t think there is much that Christian hasn’t done. He is one of our Deacons and has helped with set up from day one. Christian is our go to guy when we need something cooked. He has led or helped with almost all of our BBQ’s and is currently leading the team that fixes breakfast at the Bridge House on our Saturdays of Service.
Both Christian and his wife Mary Anne have been instrumental in the planting and success of this church. He loves any “Guy” thing we do and has been involved in our Men’s ministry from the start and has been a fixture at our Men’s prayer on Saturday mornings. He is an avid outdoorsman and loves to go hunting with his brother. I am so thankful for Christian and all he has done. If you see Christian around the church give him an “Atta Boy!”


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