Sermon Recap: 1 John 5:1-12

Yesterday we look at the first 12 verses of 1 John 5. These verses really talk about God’s testimony. A testimony is a account of an event usually given in court. We as Christians have a testimony or story about how God has changed our lives. What don’t realize is that God has a testimony or a Story that he started weaving through the people of the Bible, continues through us, and will complete once His Son Jesus returns for the second time.

What is God’s Story about? 1 John 5:12 tells us it is about life or Eternal Life to be exact. God desires that we spend eternity with Him. So everything that He is doing is to bring that about. John 3:16 tells us “God so loved the world that He gave His on begotten Son, that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish but have ETERNAL LIFE. God so loves us that He wants us to be with Him forever, not to become our own god on our own planet.

It gets even better because we play a part in telling God’s story. The first few verses tell us that our obedience and faith get God’s story out. People watch us all the time. They see if we are obeying God’s word. If we don’t this diminishes God’s story in their lives. When we obey God’s word it shows that we love God and our fellow Christians. Our faith tells God story because it shows the world we are overcomers. People are desperate for hope and our faith is what shows hope to them.

The final and biggest piece of God’s story is His Son, Jesus. Jesus, who is God, came in the form of a human and became the perfect sacrifice to appease God’s wrath against man’s sin. 1 John 5:8,9 gives us three things that witness to what Christ has done. First is the water, which is the baptism that started Jesus’ earthly ministry. We are baptized because it shows that we have gone from death to life. We have died to the old life and are resurrected to the new life in Christ. The second witness is the Blood, which Jesus shed on the cross. This is the covering for our sins. The final witness is the Holy Spirit. He testifies to the fact that Jesus came as God’s Son.

God is writing the most amazing story! Are you in it?


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