Sunday Update

We are coming to the close of our study of 1 John and as with every book I am getting sad. I think it takes most Bible teachers some time to work into a book that they are teaching through and I am no exception. I feel I get stronger as the teachings go on and just about the time I am getting a full grip on the text I am done. Oh well, I guess that is how it goes the first time you teach through certain books of the Bible.

Yesterday was an absolute beautiful day. Not only was the weather great but the people of The Village Chapel are just wonderful people to worship God with. There was such an expectancy in their hearts. So many people came up and shared that they were blessed my the message. That is encouraging because it wasn’t an easy text at all.

We are still seeing people coming for the first time and coming back again. That is always a sign of a growing church when you see people come back for a third or fourth time. Lots of visitors cards filled out.

There is a real excitement for our Easter weekend festivities. We have an army of volunteers signed up to help is lots of different areas. I am really praying that God will do something special on that day. Really looking forward to our Good Friday Worship service. Going to be a great time of worship with the people of The Village Chapel.

Had some pretty humorous conversations with people after services. There are some real characters at our church. One lady had me going. I wish I could share the story because it was unique.


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