Friday is for Finances: Five Finger Budget

There are a lot of great budgets out there to help you get your finances under control. Can I suggest an easy one? I call it the five finger budget. Why? Because it is easy to remember. Think about it. If each finger represents a budget item it makes it easy to remember. If you had to go to a second hand you might forget one. Something happens between the switch that throws our memory off.
So here goes, five finger budget:

Thumb: God. If it don’t start here the rest won’t fit. Give your 10% in faith and let God work with the rest.

Index Finger: Housing. This includes mortgage/rent, utilities, and upkeep. Put it all in the same basket.

Middle Finger: Auto. Thought this was appropriate because this is where that finger is used most. Put you payment. Insurance, gas, & repairs here. Do it monthly or it come back to bite you.

Ring Finger: Food. This is where you put groceries, dining out, and “binges.” Keep this one under control

Pinkie: Fun. This is your smallest Finger and should be your smallest budget item. Keep this one in order because it is the biggest budget buster.

Make sure you do these in this order because they are listed in order of importance. Although the index finger sticks out the most if you put it in front of the thumb it will mess everything up. Have you tried to do anything without your thumbs?

Know how much you need to spend in each of these categories and measure against what you bring in. This will help you keep it under control.


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