What Holds You Back?

Sunday I shared with our congregation one of my biggest fears. I talked about (you can listen here) how growing up my biggest love was baseball but through several traumatic embarassments by my father I gave up playing by time I got into to high school. This parlayed over to me being a parent because I never want to do to my children what my dad did to me. On Saturday those fears were put to the test as my oldest son Caleb started playing t-ball. I am one of the coaches on the team and to be honest I had an absolute blast on Saturday. In fact hours later I couldn’t stop smiling.
I asked God what was up? “Why am I still smiling over this?” His reply was simple. “You are not your father.” This was so profound but it made me realize that God has made me a new person and that I don’t have to act (but still have the capability) like my father. I can now rejoice in the fact that my son is a lot like me and enjoy that. I don’t have to worry about him growing up to be like me because now I want to be the person whom he wants to grow up like.
These fears were holding me back in my relationship with God. 1 John 4:17 says that “(God’s) perfect love casts out fear.” As I grow in my relationship with Christ I realize that His love is pushing that fear out. I can be confident in walk with Him and not have to worry about Him punishing me or abandoning me when I do something wrong (vs. 18).
Is there something holding you back from walking in that perfect love? If so ask God to work it out and it will be amazing how He will do that and so much more.


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