Sunday Recap

Yesterday was a special day at The Village Chapel. We didn’t do any events, no special announcements, or recognitions. What made it special is that the Holy Spirit moved in a powerful way. Early in the week God had put a burden on my heart for extra prayer for this Sunday. I prayed more this for this week that I have in a long time. God woke me up in the early morning hours to pray, I prayed during my walks, and went to bed praying. Why? Because the subject matter was so important.

We talked about fear and reconciliation in 1 John 4:18-21. It was powerful and personal for me and ended up being that way for others as well. The altars were flooded with people after the services looking for freedom from fear and the need to reconcile with the brothers and sisters in Christ. John is very explicit in saying that those who say they love God but hate their brothers are liars. Jesus backs it up in the Sermon on the Mount by saying “don’t even bring your offering unless you have everything right with your brother.”

I really enjoyed studying for and teaching this message. I was at one point very vulnerable in my own fears and how God has brought me through them. It is a pleasure to minister to the people of The Village Chapel. God was so good yesterday.


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