Missions Update: Dan Finfrock

Greetings! I just returned from my trip to Bolivia. Thanks very much for your prayers. It turned out to be a very difficult time. It started with me catching a cold shortly after arriving and it settled into my throat. I had two Sunday speaking engagements and the Lord helped me through. I was able to teach Mon. – Thurs. for the seminar, so in spite of feeling miserable and having a raspy voice, I was able to do all the session. We had a small group turn out and we had timing issues that kept us from covering all our material,but we saw God reach down and touch everyone’s hearts. God is so good!

I brought two Chiropractors along and they had an amazing time. The first day they only treated 15 people and were a bit disappointed. That night we prayed the Lord would open up a door to reach more people. The very next day they were invited into a very large Christian School that has about 2000 students. In two days they treated 1700 students, faculty and parents! It was amazing to watch them work so quickly for such a long time each day. They were totally exhausted but rejoicing in the opportunities given them. While they were treating students, Carlos and I were invited to speak to all the faculty at two different times. I shared from the Word and encouraged them to see their teaching as a ministry. At the end on one session we had a teacher come up wanting to pray with us to receive Christ. We were told that a few of their teachers were not Christians so God was at work! This school has invited us to come back and teach all the faculty the IBS method.

We realized at the end of this journey that God was breaking ground that is very hard in this large city of Santa Cruz. Most of the churches do not work together and are often fighting with each other. There were some denominational heads at our seminar and they liked it so much that we are expecting many more invitations to teach the pastors and leaders how to study the Word. Please pray for Bolivia. This country is in much turmoil. They have a president who is an Atheist and is trying to do everything he can to thwart the work of God. Thanks again for your prayers. Please keep praying for Carlos as he is conducting four more IBS conferences over the next 4 weeks. Blessings -Dan


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