Sunday Update

Normally I give you an update on our Sunday Service but I thought I would talk about our Leadership Lunch. We do these about four times a year and they are really one of the highlights of what I do. I love being around the servants of Christ who call The Village Chapel their home. Each meeting seems to grow more and more not just in number but in passion for what God is doing. Since this was the first meeting of the year we had a lot to share about.

  • In all we almost 60 people there which about all our little ministry center can hold.
  • I always take time to do a mini-business meeting at each of these. Since that group gives the most of anyone it is good to let them know what God is doing with the finances.
  • We took some time to let some small group leaders share and honestly I think they would’ve kept going if I hadn’t stopped it.
  • We watched a segment of Craig Groeschel’s video “It” on risk and failure and then I talked about how I desire for our church to be one that never stops trying new things.
  • Got everyone on the same page for Easter and Good Friday
  • We ended the time by breaking out into breakout sessions for ministries
  • I led the small group session and every leader there indicated that they want to continue on after our sermon based semester ends
  • The Moore boys did an incredible job of cooking the food. Such a good vibe as everyone arrived to the smell of BBQ

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