Volunteer of the Week: The Frank Family

This week the staff of The Village Chapel has voted for the Frank family as our volunteers of the week. Normally we choose an individual but the Frank family is so dedicated and work so closely that it would be a crime to elect just one. The Franks are one of the founding families of the church. Even though they live in the Village they were long time attenders and workers at Calvary Chapel Santa Maria.

If you spend anytime around the Franks one thing will become evident really quickly, they love to share the Gospel of Jesus with children. Sara Frank has led the Good News club for several years and she does an amazing job with our Village Tykes (2-3yr old). My son absolutely loves her. Jerry is our faithful steward of the setup and tear down of our Village Newbies & Tykes programs.On top of that all of the children serve in some fashion. Rachel serves in The Village Kids, Nathan plays in the worship team and has run our powerpoint since day one, Daniel and Matthew help out in the ministries that they attend.

Our church is blessed because of the Frank family. They go about doing their business quietly but we want to take a week to love on them. If you see them at church go up to them and give them an “Atta Boy!”


2 thoughts on “Volunteer of the Week: The Frank Family

  1. I also want to thank you because Mrs. Frank help me when I was moving to a new apartment.

    thank you very much and God Bless you and your family.


  2. You guys are a blessing to the Lord no matter where you are! Great to hear you are all doing so well. We miss you but are glad you are serving the Lord in the Village. Thanks for the call Sara, I did get the info.


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