A True Test of Leadership


One thing that struck me as I listened to Tonye Holyde on Sunday was his description of 1 John 4:1 and testing the spirits. The Apostle John is speaking about the false teachers and prophets that have infiltrated the church and for us to test their teachings.

The word used for teachings is the Greek word Dokimazo. It was used by money changers when they tested currency back in John’s day. Just because a coin said 1 shekel didn’t mean it was worth that. The worth was tested by weighing it to see if the precious metal measured up to the real amount.

John is telling us to test the spirits of people we listen to and measure it up against the Word of God. This is a real test of leadership also. You know a true leader by how they measure up when they are tested. If they come through the test you know that they are the real thing. False leaders not only don’t pass the test but they often avoid and run away from the tests.

Now if you will notice I didn’t say whether you passed or failed the test but instead if you came through. We all will pass and fail many tests over our lives, but what makes us true is if we go through them. No one wants to follow someone who is fake. Many false leaders are, on the outside, well spoken and well liked but when it comes to being tested for what they are worth they never measure up because often they have headed for the door.

To be a true leader means you must go through the tests that come our way. If you stand and go through them you will be stronger because of it. If you shrink and run you will never be true. Be a true leader and not a false one.


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