Sunday Update

It has been a couple of weeks since my last update. I was on vacation with the family so I stayed away from most things technical.

Sunday was a historic day at The Village Chapel. Pastor Tonye Holyde from Calvary Chapel Shoreline in Morro Bay came and rocked the house! We must’ve seen about 20 salvations and some powerful altar time. His clear presentation of the Gospel several times really hit home. Saw numerous Christians, including whole families, recommit their lives to Christ. So powerful. Here are a few other thoughts:

  • Our Worship team continues to grow under Tom’s Leadership. Several teams have formed and it is fun to watch them all grow and get better.
  • Ami’s team really prepared people for God’s Word to hit home. It was also good to hear Joe sing again.
  • I am really liking our Elders praying over the offering. So real and raw that it just furthers what God is doing.
  • We are still seeing a stream of new people each week
  • So nice to just sit and enjoy some great teaching. Got extra time to love on some people too.
  • Our interns have been a great help to the feel and flow of the services. Nice to have two guys who are there to serve.
  • Tonye spoke out of 1 John 4:1-6 and did an amazing job. They were so good we uploaded both messages on our website. You can listen to them here
  • Here are some quotes from his message:
  • “Nobody gets saved if the Gospel isn’t preached!”
  • “If I can get you to Jesus He can fix you.”
  • John wasn’t an effeminate fisherman like many pictures portray him”
  • “Don’t drag your old self over the cross”
  • “I have no interest in massaging you into hell, I’d rather offend you into heaven!”
  • Tonye and his guys invited the front desk guy from the White Oak hotel and he got saved!
  • I think our church is fired up about doing a missions trip to London with Tonye and his team
  • I will have another post this week to talk more about what Tonye is going to be doing in London.

Jen and I got a chance to take Tonye and David out to lunch. Tonye ministered to the waitress by asking her if he could pray for her. The girl was almost in tears as she explained the drama in her life. He did it with so much grace and love. What a great example.


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