The Death of Facebook

There has been a lot of noise about the changes made lately by Facebook. While they make several changes to it every year this one has been by far the most confusing and frustrating. I understand that people hate change. The new interface is actually very nice and much more user friendly. What I have an issue with is the control that Facebook has taken away from the users and the community at large. This alarms me because once you force people into a certain scheme people get frustrated and lose interest.

A couple of things stick out. First is that the user no longer has control over what they see. Before you could choose between a live feed or status updates. Now you are forced to see the live feed but can choose between most recent or most popular. The problem with that is that you have to see every post of someone who is in Farmville, Youville, Mafia, or some other game. This fills up three fourths of your feed and you miss out on the status updates of those close to you. My thought as to the reason that Facebook is doing that is because they receive money from these gaming companies as sponsors so in actuality Facebook has subtly changed from a user based system to a deceptive ad based system. This will only last for a short time before people leave in droves. The sad thing is that it is the place to upload pictures, share moments, and reconnect with old friends.

Secondly they have turned into a spamming machine. I think I have talked before how annoying the email system is. I already have a very active email life through my personal accounts and work accounts but now I have to address one in my Facebook account. I have to log into Facebook to reply to the email. If someone sends an email to several people at once and once person replies back we all have to read it. Annoying and time consuming. On top of that Facebook allows you to mass tag people in pictures, invite them to causes, groups, become a fan of someone or something and so there isn’t a day that goes by where I don’t receive 10 invites. If you accept any of these it only adds to your emails and more notifications. I don’t know how many times I have been invited to join Mafia. Ain’t gonna happen. All this takes away from the community aspect and lends to invasive spam aspect.

There is a popular system out there for judging when a good TV show turns bad. It is called “Jumping the Shark.” There is a website and everything. It comes from the happy Days episode where the Fonz jumped a shark in a lake on a motorcycle. This was the point where Happy Days turned bad but still went on. Well for me Facebook has jumped the shark and I am not sure they are listening to their users enough to realize it.


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