Volunteer of the Week

We are starting a new series on this blog to highlight those people at The Village Chapel who knock it out of the park when it comes to serving. This person will probably be mortified that we are recognizing them here on the blog but the world needs to know how blessed we are. If you see this person around the church go up and hug them and give them an old “atta boy!”

The weeks Volunteer of the Week is Edna.

Edna leads our food basket ministry. She has been tireless with her efforts to reach out and feed the thirty plus families each month. She has traversed some of the toughest neighborhoods be herself and the families just love her. Edna definitely has the gift administration but I think the Lord is showing her some new gifts. Edna has come to the church for awhile but it was through this ministry that she really came out and shined. We are so thankful for her. If you see her around the church tell her how much she is appreciated.


One thought on “Volunteer of the Week

  1. Great job Edna you are definitly in your destiny.May the Lord continue to bless you, open doors you thought were not possible.Thank you Edna for you faithfulness and your love to feed the needy.Stepping out and getting everything ready for delivery for us.You rock!!!Definetly volunteer of the week.


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