Sunday Update

Yesterday was a draining day at The Village Chapel. I spoke on 1 John 2:18-28 and the presence of antichrists in the church today. For some reason when I speak on tough passages like these it has me stressed before and drained after. When I was done I felt like I got hit by a ton of bricks. That said God is doing such a fresh new work at the church. Besides the sea of new people it exciting to see families that have been spotty in attendance become consistent. I credit it to the fact that we are doing sermon based small groups and that our small group leaders are doing such a great job. Right now we have over half of our church in small groups.

Here are a few other thoughts on yesterday:

  • We filled a trailer with clothes donations. Our ministry center is busting with bags and boxes of the stuff and there has been a steady stream of people dropping off more today.
  • We had two new interns start yesterday and they already made an impact. They have made a 12 month commitment to learn the ropes of ministry. I bet they didn’t realize the ropes come in the form of a ropes course!
  • Tom and his worship team knocked it out of the park! Man it was awesome.
  • Christin had a packed house for kids church
  • We launched Biggest Loser at the church and several people signed up including myself (gotta get this post done so I can go on a lunch time bike ride)
  • With it being Super Bowl Sunday you never know what is going to happen but everything went well
  • Getting to that point where I can only have contact with a few people after each service. That is a bummer because there are so many people I want to talk to
  • When the youth are with us in the service they take up the whole west side of the chapel
  • I think I made some people uncomfortable when I dissected “The Shack” and the “DaVinci Code”
  • Taking off to Monterey Bay this week to finish up my consulting with Bill Holdridge. It will be a nice break
  • Watched the Super Bowl with several families yesterday at the Austin’s. Great people and good food. I thought the game was okay.

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