At What Cost?

Urban Meyer

I’ve been chewing on this thought for over a month now. Back in December Urban Myer was taken to the hospital several times with heart issues. The week before the Sugar Bowl it was announced that he was going to take a leave of absence because of health issues and to be with his family. No less than 24 hours later the story started to change and within a couple of days of the announcement it all started to change. First he was going to be back for the start of Fall football, then he was going to just miss spring football, finally he was going to stay on until the National signing day which was on Wednesday February 3rd. Now we have the quote from him saying that “I tried it for a day and a half and it didn’t work.”
While I am all for excellence and being the best I am having a hard time with this. The reason being is that the real message here is that “I am not going to sacrifice success for anything.” Hurah! Here is a man in his mid-forties who is having the health issues of someone 15 years his senior and he is refusing to listen to what his body is telling him. I keep thinking to myself that this is going to end up as a sad story of someone who sacrificed everything for success.
When do we start asking “At what cost?” When do we realize that all things trappings of success really don’t amount to much? What does it matter if we gain the whole world but lose our soul? These lessons apply to anything that we do where it skews our life so much we lose total perspective. Hopefully Urban Myer has some good counselors around him. If not the cost will be catostrophic.


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