The Neediest People on the Central Coast

Who are the hungry?

The Santa Maria Times has a great article on the front page of the Wednesday February 3rd paper. It outlines who gets a majority of the food donations from the Food Bank. Over 62% of the people who receive food are under the poverty line. 49% are classified as “Working Poor”, which means that one or more persons work in the house but they don’t have enough to make ends meet. This means they need to decide to pay the rent of put food on the table.
This is why we decided to minister to families like this in 2010. We have adopted over 30 families so far by committing to buy groceries for them once a week. It has opened a flood gate of opportunities for us to minister and pray for them. Many are unbelievers and are so open to the Gospel and our committed group of volunteers are bold in sharing it.
We are asking God to pour out on our church the resources to minister to more and more families as the year goes on.


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