Heavy Lifting

If I have learned anything about leadership is that it takes heavy lifting. What I mean by that is Leaders are required to move unmovable things and it takes heavy lifting to do that. Don’t be fooled by all this philosophy out there about collaboration or such, it is a myth. Leaders are called to move people in directions they may not want to go and to get anything new off the ground it is the leader who is going to have to lift it. Be it through motivating people to a cause or flat out doing it yourself it is going to take work.

Joseph is always looked to as a great administrator in the Bible. He is promoted to head slave in Potiphar’s house, then head prisoner in the prison. When it comes time for him to be in front of Pharaoh he is ready to shine. The thing people don’t realize is that Joseph had to do a lot of heavy lifting to get there and even more after Pharaoh promotes him. Someone had to store up enough food during the years of plenty so there would be enough and someone had to tow the line during the years of famine. If someone thinks that Joseph experienced no resistance during that time they are only fooling themselves. It took heavy lifting to get Egypt to where God showed Joseph they needed to be.

This is one of the biggest differences between leaders and managers. Leaders are the ones who initiate things and get them off the ground. Managers are the one who keep it in the air. Leaders are the one who turn the ship in the right direction, managers are the ones who keep the ship on course. Leaders are the ones who sense opportunity, managers are the one maximize the benefits of that opportunity. Both leaders and mangers are needed but it is the leaders who do the heavy lifting.


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