Sunday Update: Blackout

Services always get interesting when you are portable, meet in a school, and add weather to the mix. Yesterday was one of those days. Rain started falling from the beginning and at 10am the power went out. So for our second service we had to do it old school. Joel and Amy improvised brilliantly and it went off without a hitch. Here are a few other thoughts I had;

  • The sermon based small groups are a hit after the first week. The increase in fellowship was evident
  • Our Do Something campaign has hit a note with our people. I had several people talk to me this week who verbalized back to me what it was about.
  • We launched our 2010 Adopt a Family yesterday. This is our major initiative for Do Something and saw some good results
  • People are really excited about our Saturday of Service this coming Saturday. Got lots of projects lined up
  • Heard so many great reports from the small groups leaders this week. 1 John is resonating with our people
  • We had 31 people up at the High School camp in Running Springs. Got word late Sunday that it was snowing cats and dogs. Pray for their travel home
  • My back was killing me the whole morning. Not sure what was up but I was uncomfortable the whole day
  • Really excited about the new Elders we have on board. They really get it!
  • I have two ladies leading our Adopt a Family who are getting it done! If God fulfills the vision for this ministry it will be off the charts!
  • Our team did a great job once the power went out
  • Had more than one person tell me that they couldn’t tell the difference between me having a mic and not. I could tell in my voice afterwards
  • Took the wife on a date last night. Had a gift certificate to Applebees and it wasn’t too bad.
  • If you haven’t been to the Santa Maria mall lately I highly suggest you take another look. They have done some great improvements.
  • The new food court alone is worth the visit but they have tons of new stores and lots of ammenities worth checking out
  • The best of all being Doc Bernsteins Ice Cream. Don’t have to drive to AG anymore

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