My Take on USC

Lane Kiffin

I posted on facebook yesterday that I thought the move to bring in Lane Kiffin as the coach of USC was well played. That doesn’t mean I was happy about it but if you look at the people that he is bringing with him USC won’t skip a beat and in fact my get much better.

College football is all about assistant coaches and recruits. You must have both to be successful. USC has slipped this year because it keeps losing good coaches and UCLA had been stealing many of it’s prized recruits. Kiffin bring with him assistant coaches that aren’t going to be head coaches and are considered the best in their fields. Kiffin is also going to bring in the high profile recruits because he plays high profile football.

I am having fun laughing at the SEC people in this. Most are trying to brush him off as a bad coach but it is poor cover for the fact that Tennessee almost beat both Florida and Alabama. The SEC tends to think that no one is better than them and no one would ever choose anybody else over them. I feel for the fans of Tennessee because they lost a good coach who made them relevant again. The sun will rise tomorrow and they will cause some up and coming school to be heart broken by the end of the week.


3 thoughts on “My Take on USC

  1. Good move by Kiffin because he doesn’t have to compete in recruiting or games with the SEC. He can stay out west and be the only relevant team out there. He may be able to get his record above .500 now that he is out thereplaying against noone. Keep bashing the SEC and they will continue to win NC after NC. Do you have some left coast bias in you? All kidding aside, I believe he will do well in recruiting and he has his dad which is all that matters. Monte is the only reason I would have hired him. Who is going to call the plays on the offensive side of things?


  2. Chip,

    I don’t have a left coast bias. A lot of my east coast ministry buddies were capping on Kiffin saying he couldn’t hang in the SEC when all the evidence pointed to the contrary. One ref call difference and Alabama isn’t playing in the NC. What is humorous about the argument is that if they actually had a quarterback they would’ve wreaked havoc.

    I don’t know what Kiffin is going to do with the offense. I got nervous when Chow was interested in going. If Kiffin has t call the plays then they are in trouble. One thing I do know is that UCLA was winning the recruiting battles with USC the last couple of years and now I am not too sure.


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