Sunday Update

Today was a great day at The Village Chapel. There was an overspill effect from our ladies retreat. It seemed like summer again with the heavy fog which wreaked havoc on watching the missle launch during first service. Here are some of my other thoughts:

  • Just a great feel amongst the people today even though we had quite a few gone working the launch
  • Spoke on 1 Samuel 25 about being a wise giver
  • Second service was pumped today
  • I got numerous amens and I don’t think I had ever heard one before from them
  • Speaking on money, and especially giving, always fires our people up!
  • We have a great group signed up to go to the Men’s conference on Satuday
  • Our group is also growing for those that are going to the Leadership conference in November
  • Got to see Oriah today. Miss that family but God is blessing them in Washington
  • Lot’s of ministry going on outside of the main services. Saw several spontaneous prayer groups going on.
  • Today was Karl’s first Sunday on paid staff. He is such a great addition to the team
  • Had several new families visit today along with several families who were there for the second and third time
  • This will be the first normal week in our house for the first time in a long time
  • The Dodgers stunk it up tonight. Can’t win games when the hitters are constantly behind in the count.

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