Sunday Update

Today was a busy day at the church. Besides doing the normal services we also had communion and our leadership lunch after the services. When I got home I was toast. It is the equivalent of teaching three forty five minute messages. Here are some of my thoughts.

  • The weather was awesome! I love coastal cloudiness in the morning.
  • We had a ton of workers today. Major props to our volunteers.
  • Tom busted out the harmonica for worship and it was awesome!
  • Had a new couple tell that the worship brought tears to their eyes.
  • Taught from 1 Samuel 24 and how to overcome a critical spirit. Really ministered to some people.
  • David is such a great example of Godly living.
  • The leadership lunch went great!
  • Had about 50 people there and our hospitality team hit it out of the park!
  • Shared more about our vision and core values
  • Showed a clip from the “It” video by Craig Groschel
  • Talked about how we do church governance
  • Finished up introducing our new part time employee

This week will be the first normal work week in over two months! Looking forward to a regular work schedule.


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