Sunday Update

This will be a different update than normal because I have been in Poland.
My day started with me speaking at the Free Christian Church in Bielska-biala, Poland. What a great group of people! Spoke on 1 Samuel 3 and from what I could tell it was well recieved. It is always a little stressful speaking with a translator but it went well. Tom went so far to tell me that I did better than normal because it slowed me down and I had to put some thought into what I said. Not sure how to interpret that.
From there we left for Krakow. This is one of Europe’s most beautiful cities and we thoroughly enjoyed it. The Carlson’s, who so were so good to us all weekend long, took us to the city square and we ate a Kebab for lunch. I was able to purchase some gifts for my family. Really fun time.
Back at the hotel we met up with Kurt Kula who is one of two Calvary Chapel pastors in Europe. He has been here in Poland for 16 years. We had a great time of fellowship. He took us to the old Jewish Quarter where they filmed Schindler’s List. I was totally moved by the place. To think this was one of the first Jewish Gettos during Hitler was just powerful. We ended our time together just praying to God for Poland and the ministries there.
From what I am hearing and reading things went great at The Village Chapel. I will post later about that.


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