In Another Persons Words

First off I want to say that we have amazing people at The Village Chapel! I am so blessed to work with volunteers and staff who love this church as much as I do. I wasn’t there on Sunday but I heard it went great. Thought I’d let one of my staff give the update. Here is what our Children’s Director, Chrisin said:
“Life at the VIllage chapel took place without you, in other words were all your bases covered… and i know if i start telling you we will get off on some tangent and be nonproductive, and seeing as you will probably be Sleep deprived on a short week with other things to attend to let me give you the fast de-brief

1. Point man- Karl
Did a great job with the announcements. The men stayed in a long period of prayer and Dad and Karl were pumped and excited for services prior to. He was there on time and didn’t leave till everything was attended to.

2. Point Man – Ernie
Excited to be there. There were enough men to help in the morning…everything seemed to get set up early and quickly. Matt B was there and all of his kids were on top of it, That was excited to see.

3. Point Man-Keith
Dude MAD props to Keith he was on top of everything. He got their early, he was on top of sound and set up. He came and asked if I needed anything in the beginning and also didn’t leave until everything was packed in the trailer… (Yesterday was a hot day) He made a comment about how sweaty he got loading the trailer. lol. He was really really on top of it though, and I think he enjoyed it. It was really cool seeing him step up in that leadership role as the point guy, a different Keith came out yesterday

WORSHIP- Joe really had a fun time yesterday, and Joseph did a great job on Bass… he had a quick solo for one of the songs. “Strength will rise as we wait upon the Lord.” It was cool!!!

Pastor Rueben Cortez—you gotta hear his message..I think it spoke to everyone!!! Wow this guy completely rocked my socks off and spoke to people who weren’t Christians as well as people who have been a Christian for a long time… he shared his testimony as well. He got their a little late because he had to drive slow because the fog was so thick!! But man, he is a loveable man, and super compassionate for the souls of the lost. spoke out of john 1:1-5 AWESOME!!!!

Hospitality- donuts ran low!!! But I don’t know what that was about

Kids Church-our numbers are up again 45 kids… and we spoke about receiving the Holy Spirit and the Trinity and when the time came to ask the Holy Spirit to come in and empower you to do God’s work!!! ALMOST every hand went up…Totally rocked my socks off!!!

I think the coolest thing about yesterdays church was seeing that it really is God’s Church!! Though you were missed and Reuben prayed for you and the church prayed for you, it really continued without you!!! WE have depth and people willing and wanting to step up and help. God is moving in the hearts of our people and the time, I feel, is coming to begin to release those people in ministries..”

Couldn’t agree more.


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