How to Spin a Loss

So Florida’s Urban Meyer explained at his press conference this week the reason why Florida didn’t run the score up on Tennessee. He realized the Tennessee was going with a conservative offense and so he did too.
Now I got a ton of problems with that:

  1. Last year when it was time for Florida and Georgia to meet Meyer didn’t show any mercy and ran up the score 49-10 and even called a timeout in the last minute.
  2. Lane Kiffin called Meyer a cheater. To me that is bigger than Georgia over celebrating. The basic fact is that Florida couldn’t deliver the same beating.
  3. Obviously Meyer wasn’t watching the game on Saturday. Tim Tebow was running for his life. Either he was trying to prevent a sack or because he was the only one who generate any offense
  4. Tennessee is for real. Urban Meyer may not want to recognize that but Tennessee is going to cause a lot of hurt over the next years and my guess is the 80% of it will be directed at Florida
  5. Florida is on the decline. They aren’t the same team they were the last couple of years. They will have to rely too much on Tebow because Harvin is gone.
  6. Meyer has denial issues. At least when Pete Carroll lost to Washington he gave them all the credit. Meyer gets punked by Tennessee and all he can must is that they went conservative? If Tennessee had a quarterback there would be a new #1 this week

Read the Article here:

Florida Gators chose to match play-it-safe Tennessee Volunteers – ESPN


6 thoughts on “How to Spin a Loss

  1. Talk to me at the end of the year. Tenn didn’t play to win. They played to keep it close. You need to stop being a Hater, because jealousy gets you know where. Two out of the last three and going for number three out of four. Let me remind you that Florida won versus Tenn. A win in the SEC (a real conference) is all that is required.

    Your big PAC-10 team did their usual. Lose a game to a terrible opponent and then run the table the rest of the year (in a weak conference) and beat up on a pathetic Big 10 team and cry why they didn’t win the title.

    Stay tuned……


  2. Same old party line. A win in the SEC is golden. Let me remind you that UCLA came into Knoxville and smacked Tennessee in the mouth. Florida could barely do the same on their own turf and then blamed it on the flu. Come on!
    By the way USC stinks this year. They have no quarterback. As usual a SEC team will skate into the title game because the sponsors are afraid to lose their fan base. Keep on playing 1AA teams because every time the SEC plays out of conference it gets beat.


    1. I’m not fond of all the trash talk coming from Kiffin or excuses from Meyer. It reminds me of the NFL and doesn’t belong in NCAA, especially between coaches. As for strength of conference, see chart below. SEC is king.
      Wins Losses Ties Win %
      SEC 348 190 149 9 .559
      Pac-10 193 103 88 2 .539
      Big Ten 209 97 111 1 .467
      ACC 166 81 83 2 .494
      Big 8 127 63 63 1 .500
      Southwest 151 63 80 8 .444
      Big 12 92 45 47 0 .489
      Big East 76 42 34 0 .553
      WAC 101 42 58 1 .421


  3. So SEC has a .559% and Pac 10 has a .539%. Not much difference there. I think the feud between Kiffin and Meyer is about the only thing interesting about this season so far. Been so much hype about the big boys and they have yet to perform that we are missing out on some stellar performances by some other teams.


  4. Sure wish UCLA and Florida could play in a bowl game this year. Oh! I forgot UCLA has never made it to a BCS bowl. Maybe next year!

    Let me see….4 SEC teams in the top 7 vs. 2 PAC-10 teams in the top 20. I realize this will change because the SEC teams will start knocking each other off, but they will continue to dominate come bowl season like they do every year…Look it up!

    Go (sick) Gators!


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