Missions Update: Mike & Rachel Neglia

Here is an update from the missionaries we support in Cork, Ireland:

Hi Brothers and Sisters,
Greetings from a sunny(!!!) Ireland! Three days of sun now…. it’s miraculous ๐Ÿ™‚
We just wanted to say thank you all so much for your prayers regarding Eoin and his recent diagnosis of autism. Needless to say, it’s been a very tough past 6 weeks, but we have seen God at work in the midst of everything. I had asked that you all would pray for us to get a bigger house (ours was tiny, and Eoin literally had no room to run around or play). We knew that if we just got the space for him to have his own room and a backyard, it would help him immensely, especially as far as his muscle tone, physio development, etc. Well, a few weeks after my last email, God gave us the absolute coolest house EVER!! It’s only a 10 min walk from our old house, so still close to the city, it has a HUGE backyard (very unusual for the city) with a play house and a swing and apple trees! And we were told that swinging is so good for Eoin, therapeutically speaking, and now he swings every day! He has his own room as well, which is big enough to fit his exercise ball (which someone donated to us- so cool!) and a rocking chair and a table and everything he needs to properly play. We are so overwhelmed to be here, it’s just too good to be true! It’s like the house was built for us. Oh- and we actually have heating for the first time! Last winter, our house averaged about 38 degrees F in the kitchen, so we’re pretty excited to have heating. (I just need to figure out how to work it!). And there’s a bath tub! We only ever had a shower, but now Eoin plays in the bath and he loves it so much. Ha ha, no more impulsive showers though- we have to heat the water every time we want to use it!
Anyway…. We see a difference in him already, so it’s been great.
We were able to get a good deal on the rent, although it is still more than our old house. It’s a big leap of faith, but God made it so clear through His Word that we were meant to move there, and we know He’ll provide for us.
Just a few more prayer/praise reports regarding Eoin (I’ll try to be brief!!)
* We enrolled him in a preschool (another leap of faith, but we were told he desperately needs the interaction) and he’s doing really well! He actually loves it.
*Soon he should be approved to get a special needs tutor, who can help him to integrate even more into playschool. I found a lovely Christian girl who can do it, and the education department would hire her for us. So please pray it comes through!!!!
*He’s undergoing assessment with the Health Board at the moment, and it seems really comprehensive. They should have some more specific insight for us after the process is through.
*He’s still not receiving any therapy, and was let go from his speech therapy until after his assessment. So that means still on the waiting list for physiotherapy, occupational therapy, and speech. Just pray for that, it’s quite frustrating.

Anyway, thanks for praying. We’re taking it a day at a time, and we covet your prayers. I cannot do this apart from God- it’s so overwhelming and impossible.

So… the church! It’s great ๐Ÿ™‚ Everyone has been incredibly kind and supportive regarding Eoin. And it’s been growing! We used to have no one over 28, now we have a few families and older people, which is amazing. Mike just did a wedding last weekend, and there was a new baby born a few weeks ago. There are a few babies now in the fellowship, and sometimes older children visit as well. So I’m really trying to figure out this whole kids’ ministry thing. It’s hard when you don’t have a lot of resources! But we have the Bible, and that’s what matters.
The Calvary Chapels in Ireland recently got together in Dublin, which was so encouraging for all of us! We’re hoping to be able to do it more often. And just a few days ago, we went to another new Calvary-affiliated church on the West Coast for a conference and had another great time of fellowship with five Calvarys represented (out of 7). In all the years we’ve been here, this is the most we’ve ever all been able to get together. So God is moving in a new way, and it’s really exciting.

*The weather has been sunny for three days in a row now(!), so Mike did the Wednesday Bible study outside along the river. Very cool. And our landlord came!! Pray for his salvation.

*Mike taught at Calvary Chapel Waterford yesterday, and met a guy who had been given a Bible by a visiting Calvary pastor 4 years ago. He’s a bus driver, and was in Cork today, so he and Mike met up. He takes his Bible everywhere but had never been to church till yesterday. Please pray for him to make a commitment to Jesus.

*Something cool- I got to go on the radio the other day and talk about sexual purity. Oh my gosh, I was so embarrassed! A guy from our church was on, talking to the most popular radio presenter in Cork, and he got to talk about our church and everything. It was amazing! And then I went on as well, and spoke for a few minutes. Luckily the host was nice to me (normally he’s really harsh), or I would have died. But it was so cool, and I know God really used it!!

*I’m starting up the women’s study again soon, after a summer break. Please pray for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*Pray for E, who has been coming to church for a few months and is extremely interested in becoming a Christian, but the enemy keeps attacking him whenever he gets close. Pray for victory!

*Pray for our church hospitality ministry, that as the church grows, so would the amount of people willing to serve practically.

*Last year, I told you all to pray regarding the Lisbon Treaty, which is the new European Union Constitution, basically turning Europe into the United States of Europe. Of 27 countries, Ireland was the only one which was allowed to hold a vote (as our constitution required). Ireland voted no. Europe is making us vote again. Kind of scary. Quite literally, they won’t take no for an answer. The scarier part is that people are afraid because of the recession, and it’s likely they’ll pass it this time. I’m not telling you what to pray….. (I’m sure you’ve guessed my opinion!), but please do pray. And rest assured that this isn’t something we are focusing on here in our ministry, but rather something I value your prayers in.

Sorry for the long email! But thanks for reading, and feel free to write back, as we really love hearing from you all. Thanks for your support and prayers for the work God is doing here in Cork. We’re so blessed to have been serving Him here for almost 6 years!

In Christ,

Rachel (and Mike and Eoin)


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