Uncommon Friendship

Sunday we looked at 1 Samuel 20 and the friendship that Jonathan and David shared. You can listen to it here. In reality it was more of a covenant than a relationship that kept them so tight. Here are four marks of an uncommon frienship:

  1. A Willingness to Serve: Even though Jonathan couldn’t believe that his father Saul wanted to kill David he still told David that he would do whatever David desired. A willingness to serve no matter if you understand or not shows an uncommon commitment.
  2. Deals Honestly: vs. 9 “if I knew that evil was determined by my father…would I not tell you?” Jonathan committed to deal honestly with David. Sometimes telling the truth hurts and is uncomfortable. It would be easier just to tell them what they want to hear. We must deal honestly with our friends
  3. Show Kindness: Jonathan made David vow that he would treat him and his family right when David took the throne. While this sounds basic in our culture it was common for a king to wipe out the previous king’s family. David promised and eventually kept that promise with Jonathan’s son. We need to make sure that we don’t forget our friends if we move up in life.
  4. God is between us: vs. 23 “the Lord be between you and me forever.” The true glue that keeps a friendship together is God. I don’t mean to sound trite but Jonathan and David were an unlikely friendship. Jonathan was 20-25 years older than David, Jonathan was the king’s son and David a poor shepherd’s boy. The thing that knitted their hearts together was that God did it.

If these four characteristics are evident in your friendships your are part of an uncommon bond. If your friendships don’t possess these then take the steps necessary to implement them or maybe you need to get out of that relationship. In reality it is probably dragging you down and away from God anyways.


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